The Greater Nebraska Macintosh User Group (GNMUG) is hosted by the AIM Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at AIM from 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM.  Our training lab on the second floor (Rm 215) of the Exchange Building on 19th and Harney Street in downtown Omaha.  The mission of this group is to provide a free, open forum in which Mac users can learn about new Apple products and discuss user questions and issues.  Beginners and advanced users are welcome!

People who use Apple technologies have joined together in user groups all around the world. Hundreds of groups offer members the chance to become friends with other Mac users, get questions answered, and have a lot of fun. Groups are for everyone from first-time computer users to experts — from every profession, background, and age. Want technology to do more for you?  Then join the Greater Nebraska Macintosh User Group (GNMUG).  It costs absolutely nothing!

1. Make new friends:  Meet people who share your interests and passions. Find a group of friends with whom you can talk about the Mac or just hang out. Go to a monthly meeting or to special events.

2. Get support and enhance your skills:  You’ve got questions. Your local user group has answers. Enhance your computer skills so you can take yourself to a new professional level. Or, create projects for your family or hobbies. User groups can help you work harder or play harder.

3. Find local resources:  The Internet provides many answers and resources. However, nothing beats the personal connection of meeting with local Mac users and exploring the resources that are available locally — from resellers to technical support to community activities.

4. Make business contacts:  Maybe you’re not looking for a date, but you could be looking for professional contacts and networks. Meet people who run and manage area businesses, law practices, and medical centers, and discuss ways you can build relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

5. It’s just plain fun:  There’s something about user groups that makes members come back time after time. They love it. They love the people they meet and the opportunities that user groups create. Being a user group member — it’s just plain fun.

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